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  • Windows to Linus Migration

    Business users find that Linux which is a niche OS, provides the necessary components and services on which many rely. Linux has made entry into world’s largest data centers and hundreds of individual desktops.

    The proliferation of security issues, stability issues, hardware upgradation and the high cost of user-licenses in Windows make the necessity of Windows to Linux Migration.

    Since Linux has more Windows-like in terms of ease-of-use, migration is fairly simple seamless, easy and transparent.

    Linux increases the efficiency, controls cost and provides non-stop services to the business and customers.

    Key Deliverables

    Samyutha offers a complete and concrete solution for migrating from Windows to Linux. Our services include

    » Migration process planning and deployment.
    » Automated migration scripts
    » Backup and Disaster Recovery
    » Anti-virus / Anti-spam solutions
    » Specific migration and deployment details for all relevant technologies.
    » Samyutha guarantees smooth transition from Windows to Linux.

    Samyutha is specialized in the below areas in Windows to Linux migration.

    1. DHCP
    2. DNS
    3. NTP
    4. Directory Services
    5. Authentication Services
    5. File Services
    7. Print Services
    8. Email and Messaging Services
    9. Groupware and Calendaring Services
    10. Web Services
    11. Desktop Migration to Ubuntu, CentOS.
    12. Open Office

    Key Benefits

    • No License Cost
    • Runs on low hardware
    • Security
    • Reliability
    • High performance
    • User Friendly
    • Open Standards

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