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  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud comes with reasons like excellent cost benefits and adding agility to customers. Through cloud computing, an organization can instantly deploy applications, where the core technology components compliment it perpetually, which will adds more robustness & flexibility to any business life cycle.

    Conventionally, applications become dependent on a particular infrastructure the moment they were deployed and modified only when the infrastructure was upgraded resulting in low efficiency & utilization.

    Cloud enablers, such as virtualization and grid computing, allow applications to be dynamically deployed onto the most suitable infrastructure at run time. This supple feature of cloud computing allows applications to scale and grow without needing traditional ‘hand - picked’ upgrades.

    Samyutha Cloud Computing Offerings

    IAAS: These services provide customers with the ability to create a complete IT infrastructure including servers (Web, Database, Application, Email, DNS etc), firewalls, load balancers and switches by deploying 'ready to deploy' cloud appliances. Samyutha will be able to address the needs of entry to mid size Companies for hosting portals, DR and testing needs as well as for enterprises.

    Public Cloud: These services provide disposable server resources to customers. Servers can be configured and reconfigured on an 'on-demand' basis depending on varying business needs. These services are ideal for hosting of business applications for SMBs.

    Private Cloud: This is a dedicated hosted Cloud Infrastructure for large individual enterprise requirements. Samyutha provides hardware, and managed virtualization platform so that customers can run virtual appliance without worrying about IT resources. Also, a Console is provided to customers to create various appliances and upgrade/ downgrade resources on the cloud as per their requirements from time to time. Large Internet Companies and enterprise application requirements are addressed through Private Cloud services.

    Samyutha’s competency to provide robustness of infrastructure, managed services support and capability to offer complete IT infrastructure in the cloud makes it more accountable over others.

    Key Benefits

    • Customize IT infrastructure solutions as per the specific business requirements.
    • Reduce operational cost and flexibility of ‘Pay per Use’.
    • Optimize resource utilization and save on power and space costs of IT
    • infrastructure.
    • Companies can scale resources on-demand

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